Friday, June 7, 2013

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

Made a trip to the London Zoo a few weeks ago. Highlights from this most recent expedition include:

Seeing the new Tiger Territory, which is so much nicer and more spacious than the old setup:
Hunting what looked like bits of raw steak

Watching penguin feeding time:

All very interested in the fish bucket.

Catching the birds of prey showcase, which was an open air show-and-tell with some impressively-close-to-the-audience fly overs.

Zoo Lates are happening again this year, every Friday night in June and July from 6-10pm. (So now!) These nights are for big kids only and you can book advanced discount tickets on the website here. In addition to seeing the animals, you can catch performances, indulge in some face painting (perhaps you've always wanted to look like a zebra?), and have grown-up (beverage) picnics. Have you been before? Will you go again this year? I hope to!

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