Monday, August 5, 2013

On (and off) the Flying Trapeze

A few weeks ago I was visiting my sister and got the chance to take a swing (hehe...bad pun totally intended) at the flying trapeze.

It is seriously up high - 30 feet up to get to the "board", which is the platform you swing from. I get pretty anxious about heights, or falling from them, so I was pretty shaky as I slowly made my way up the ladder. There was a funny moment at the top when I realized how heavy the bar was. I kept repeating safety checks to myself to calm down, because that's apparently how I roll.

I am so glad I went for it; it was such a great rush! I have taken some static trapeze classes in the past - think Cirque du Soleil aerial dancing - and had never been super keen on the idea of flying trapeze. But I got to do a knee hang and a back flip and the adrenaline fueled fun was crazy and now I'm looking for classes in my area!

Knee hang! Photo by Blondie sister.

Thank you, blonde sister. You have created a circus wannabe monster. Congratulations and well done.

Below are some shots I took of said Blondie practicing her skills. She's super strong and flexible.  

Straddle swing

Practicing her dismount

Letting go for the catch

Do you have anywhere near you that you could try a flying trapeze lesson? I highly (whoops, sorry - last pun, I swear) recommend it!

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