Sunday, September 1, 2013

Snapshots of this Summer

So although I know that it's not technically autumn yet, I kind of feel like the last official day of summer was Saturday. And it was a really nice, sunny, pub lunch and hang out in the park kind of day. It made me just a little bit sad that summer is nearly over, but we had some amazing summer adventures and lots of outside time - just take a look!

Found tons and tons of flowers on Howth Hill during a stroll in Ireland...

Including this Disney-esque scene of fallen pink petals and twisty tree limbs, which were perfect for climbing.

A dream-come-true tiger kiss (and the most amazing day photographing big cats)!

Home for Fathers Day and freshly baked doughnuts for breakfast to celebrate. I definitely have some autumn themed doughnut recipes in the works!

A family trip to this beautiful and low-key beach with plenty of walks...

And also many loggerhead turtle nests spotted on those walks - I so wanted to see baby turtles!

We also made good use of the bikes at the beach. It was nice to take breaks with leisurely shaded bike rides in the afternoon - and on the beach in the evenings once the tide went out!

A nostalgic eatery visiting tour of Athens, Georgia with my sister. (Mama's Boy, Big City Bread, and Last Resort, I'm looking at you!)

And VERY colorful legs (actually, head to toe colorful!) after the Color Run, which was my first official 5k! Please note: only one of those legs is mine!

Spent a weekend in Wales and hiked up Snowdon.

Also spent a sunny Saturday walking around central London like great big tourists. Because sometimes you forget that monuments and sightseeing type things are everywhere when you live nearby.

I enjoyed times about 100 all of the beautiful, sunny, and seasonally appropriate weather in and around London and elsewhere this summer. So I suppose it's only fair that autumn's starting to sneak in now, right? At least I can unabashedly consumer unreasonable quantities of pumpkin soon, right?

Did you soak up as much sunshine as you could this summer? What are you looking forward to as it starts to cool off?

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