Friday, January 10, 2014

42 Wallaby Way?

Whale shark with fish groupies

Happy Friday! In Atlanta and looking for something to do this weekend?

We went on a little daytime holidate (holiday date - see what I did there?) to the Georgia Aquarium just before New Year's. If you're ever in Atlanta, especially on a cold or rainy day, it's worth a visit. Make sure to plan time to enjoy the main tank with the whale sharks and manta rays - it was my favorite!

Goliath grouper vs boy staring contest
Looks like the Goliath Grouper is about to have a little boy snack, doesn't he? I sincerely hope the boy is making the same grumpy face back at him.

Colorful jellyfish

Blacktip reef shark in the main tank

Have you been to an aquarium lately? What about the zoo?

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