Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Iceland Adventure Part I

One year ago today, I was on a plane to Reykjavik (with the fellow, oh la la) for a week long adventure in Iceland. Wish I was there now! But since that's not in the cards for the moment, I'll be reminiscing and sharing pictures and tips for those of you planning your own Icelandic adventure. Hope you enjoy!

As you probably already suspect, Iceland is amazingly beautiful like WHOA.

Our first stop was the Blue Lagoon, which is probably already on your list, unless you think it's too touristy, in which case I urge you to reconsider your views. I am so glad we started our week in Iceland with a refreshingly relaxing day floating around the Blue Lagoon. From landing at Reykjavik, you can be there within two hours, and it was such a lovely way to jump straight into holiday mode. Yes, there are other thermal spas in Iceland, and they are absolutely worth checking out as well. (I totally have a list ready for next time.) We splurged a little bit and went for the ticket package that included fluffy robes in which we lunched like champions in the Lava Restaurant (so, so good!). After a hectic few weeks, the day spent soaking here was the perfect way to start our adventure. I imagine it would also be excellent as a last day in Iceland activity. Pro tip: you can get a sunburn here. One of us learned this the hard way. Cough, cough, not me, cough.

Another fun tip: if you want photos from your visit, but are hesitant to bring your DSLR into the waters (a warning on the website says the steam "corrodes cameras nicely"), consider bringing along a waterproof disposable camera. The photo below is from a little Kodak that worked really well for capturing the vibe of the day. Feeling fancier? Photojojo has an iPhone Super Suit that is waterproof and provides cushion for little falls - not that any of us have ever been guilty of dropping our phones...

Stay at the Northern Lights Inn. It is within view of and very easy walking distance of the Blue Lagoon, although it is not the hotel directly next to the lagoon. Dinner in their restaurant was lovely (get the fish, whatever it is!) and the rooms were clean and modern. The Northern Lights Inn also very kindly arranged airport transfers for us, so we were able to go an extra day sans rental car.

View from the Northern Lights Inn

We were there in May, so we didn't see any Aurora Borealis action, but there is the potential to spot the Northern Lights from the inn at appropriate times of year. (It's far enough away from city lights.) I wouldn't say no to another visit *insert wanderlusty puppy dog eyes here*...

Part II of the Icelandic adventure coming tomorrow!


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