Friday, June 14, 2013

Up, up, and away!

I'm off to see the family, which means a long haul flight before the visiting fun can begin. Not super comfortable, but here are some things I make sure to bring with me in my carry-on every time:

(1) A light (also literally, no 600-pagers!) entertaining read. I just finished this book and highly recommend it! I'm bringing it along to share with others. One of my favorites from last year was this. (2) Long flights always seem to dry my skin out, so I always bring lip balm. I'm currently using this kind from Burt's Bees. Bonus: it gives you some color post-flight. (3) Stomach of steel I definitely do NOT have, so I bring a box of Gin Gins for when the flight gets a little bumpy. (4) Let's face it, airplane coffee/tea is pretty terrible. I pack a few individually wrapped bags of mint tea - my favorites are Pukka's Three Mint and Yogi Tea's Purely Peppermint. If you ask nicely, you can get a cup of hot water and brew your own (much nicer tasting) tea. (5) Finally (back to that dry plane air problem) some unscented hand lotion - this one from Aveeno works well for me.   

I've also finally realized the usefulness of a good pair of over the ear headphones and a very cozy sweater for long flights. What about you? Any personal travel essentials I'm missing? Any long (or shorter) flights on the horizon for you?

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